Cameras in Cars: Does it Really Help?

More and more drivers are preferring to have cameras in their cars. Relatively affordable, these cameras are compact and won’t take up much space in a vehicle. You may find dashcams and rear-end cameras on built-in some cars like SUVs in Malaysia. These cameras really enhance the driving experience and safety features of your vehicle. However, to what extent?

Evidence in car accidents and crime

Having a dashboard camera will become incredibly handy in case you get into emergencies and accidents. It remains one of the main reasons drivers are installing dash cameras in their vehicles. Should an accident or a crime happen, the footage recorded by the camera could assist in investigations and give a clearer picture of what actually happened on the road. 

Safer and smoother parking

Rear-end cameras have made parking into tight spots and reversing out less daunting. The ability to see what’s behind your vehicle from a screen has made life a lot easier for drivers. Reversing without a cam requires you to turn in your seat and crane your neck in an attempt to see what is behind you, which is not very ergonomic as well as dangerous!

Capture memories

Road trips are incredibly exciting experiences. With the right people, the journey towards a destination can just be as remarkable as the place itself. Dashcams or Driving Video Recorders (DVR) allows you to capture the long but scenic and breathtaking views of your journey along interstate roads and highways of Malaysia. These devices will enable you to document memories of your trip with convenience. All you have to do is just press record and drive!

Having cameras in your car elevates the experience you get as a driver. In terms of safety, cameras offer added security when they’re installed in your car. The ability to document an accident and ease the parking process are features that are worthwhile having in your vehicle. Learn more about built-in cameras and other safety features of SUVs here

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