Who’re RHB MY?

Our mantra at RHB is “Together, We Progress”. This really is for our dedication to providing Malaysia and its people on the economic and business banking forefront. The official RHB Banking Group My has been around since 1999, but our banks have been completely operating a lot longer. We’ve got won various awards, like the Bursa Excellence Awards. Our main products are our business banking, insurance, duitnow, and investment decision services.

Personal Banking Methods at RHB

RHB has a variety of personal banking solutions for customers at all stages of life- whether you’ve just begun working or choose to plunge to a bank with better rates of interest, we have it all. If you require a loan, our alternatives range between home financing to auto financing, with variable settlement plans. Making an application for a credit card is also hassle-free, and is included with unique offers and markdowns.

Increasing Your Riches With RHB

Our experts here at RHB are also offered to enable you to invest your money. Besides protecting your money through investing it, we’ve got safety deposit boxes for the people aiming to also protect significant docs or possessions. Apart from protection, your money is in safe hands to send it abroad via our remittance services.

RHB Bank

RHB Insurance for Enterprises

Helping your small business off the ground has not been so easy with RHB. Our services will help you open an account right away! We’ve got a selection of insurance policy ways for your small business or employees. RHB also provide loans, all betting on your vision and future for the business enterprise.

Company Financial Choices at RHB

Strengthen your business go that step further using our business banking solutions. RHB may help your enterprise with financial commitment alternatives, as well as any trade financing services you could require. We’ve specialists both in import and export sectors, who’re here to assist your work. Our SME Knowledge Center also is a one-stop help centre where you could get expert advice on creating your business.

Conventional vs Islamic Banking at RHB

Islamic banking is not only just limited by Muslim customers; non-Muslim consumers are very welcome to apply also. Regular banking is a lot more centred on rates of interest to get a revenue, while Islamic banking comes after Shariah laws and puts both borrower and lender first. The key benefits of Islamic banking are generally moral- it can help everyone, regardless of what prosperity you might have.

How to Use RHB Now Banking?

RHB Now Banking is an app which might be very easily downloaded from a phone’s app store. This allows that you connect your account everywhere you go, and you may even open a deposit account inside the app itself. If you’ve various accounts, you can manage each of them from a phone- you should not sign in and out continuously!

Why Wouldn’t You Select RHB?

Join the RHB family for all your finance needs! There is something for everyone here, from individual to company needs. Along with our versatile and various alternatives, you can make the simplest options for your future. RHB has the benefit of intensive customer support for almost any issues you may come across. Read more about RHB duitnow at https://www.rhbgroup.com/index.html.