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Employee selection is the process of selecting the right person, in the right place, and at the right time because it is important for organizational achievement. The selection and retrieval of workers is often seen as the most striking and important part of the human source. This is because the staff or workers are the first entry points for the company.

Professional recruitment of workers is responsible for staff on managing strategies for organizations or companies. There are several criteria regarding the recruitment process which based on the basis and method of recruiting online, advertising or agency picking, executive bargaining and searching, hiring on competencies, communicating remedial decisions and announcements the related work.

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There several strategies that must be practiced getting the qualified and creative workers to obtain income as a company. The steps in the process of taking and selecting workers are as follows:

a) Corporate Web Pages (Career page)

Most large corporations and many small companies normally submit job applications on their own web pages. This is the main platform for hiring nowadays. Applicants may seek employment, arrange for their review on the work and apply for the work in the field via online. Job seekers may be able to establish a search to announce to them via e-mail as some companies describe the full vacancies in the online market.

b) Job Hiring Websites

Companies which is actively recruiting candidates, will not only work on their website, but will also post jobs on other job boards and workplaces. Jobs may be displayed on public works boards. They may use a free job hiring websites as platform or pay for other websites to advertise for them.

c) Recruiting Workers Through Social Media

Companies are now advancing in using social recruiting resources to candidates for jobs on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking pages. But to work around their applicants on these social pages is considering renting. Companies may use the Facebook application as recruitment platform or just to have a Facebook page specifically for companies for easy hiring use.

d) Job Recruitment Agency

Agencies are paid to find suitable candidates and to ensure employees remain in the organization in a contractual period. The agency will conduct few tasks regarding the process of the overall work application including requesting work, resumes and cover letters, applicant’s examinations, background and referral checks, expectations and the recruitment process. It is a cost-consuming platform but yet profitable to the companies.


In conclusion, the hiring and selection of workers is a critical activity, not only for the collection of ordinary workforce but also for the line administrators who are increasingly involved in the process. All people involved in recruitment activities need to be equipped with appropriate knowledge and skills. The interests of diversity must be taken in each rank in the process of hiring and selecting workers.

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